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Vacuum Excavation

Tipper Vacuum Excavations (formerly trading as Tipper Excavations) is a family owned business based in the south of Brisbane but operating throughout all of South-East Queensland.

This type of excavation, also called “hydro excavation”, “potholing”, “hydro-digging”, “hydro-trenching” or “soft digging” is the basic process of pressurized water and a vacuum source to remove the material.

Vacuum Excavation is a non-mechanical and non-destructive process which combines pressurized water and a high flow of moving air to simultaneously excavate and evacuate soils at a controlled rate. The soil and water slurry are conveyed via a suction hose to a truck-mounted storage tank.

This process allows for quick, clean and precise evacuations which require less backfill, less labour force, less restoration, and less environmental impact than conventional digging methods.

A controlled flow water stream allows for surgeon-like accuracy.

While removing only material necessary for repair or inspection, minimal material needs to be removed when compared with the large, less-than-accurate excavator or back-hoe bucket.

Utility companies across the country are favoring this type of utility exposure because of the immense safety benefit. No longer is accidental line damage a concern. Not only is the risk of disaster virtually eliminated, but damage to line casings and pipe coating are not a worry either. This process allows for exposure of energized buried lines and to record depths and locations of buried utilities. This is very effective when mapping utilities. Once an accurate map of buried utilities is made, future construction or additions can be accurately planned and added in the most efficient manner. The slow and tedious task of hand digging was the recognized method of uncovering utilities however this can still lead to utility damage. Pre-construction locating, potholing and mapping has shown substantial cost savings by eliminating accidental line breakage, unexpected utility relocation, environmental disasters and community impact.

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    Large-scale exposure of underground utility systems is quick and safe using the Vacuum Excavation method. Advantages in these crowded areas are numerous.

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    Most notable is the safe exposure of "unknown utilities." Vacuum Excavation is a quick way to clean on top and under utilities which would otherwise have required hand scrapping.

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    The amount of material to be removed is not an issue; a clean-cut, neat, safe and extremely workable excavation will be the result. Call us now for a free quote on any job you have.